Nguvu Coffee

Nguvu Coffee is a brand of coffee produced by Kampala Jellitone Suppliers (KJS) Ltd, a company owned and headed by Haji Abasi Kazibwe Musisi. 

Nguvu is a Swahili word for strength.  We believe that when you take Nguvu coffee you are likely to gain strength. So the name fits the product.

At Nguvu, we cater for people of all income classes. Our coffee products range from coffee made from coffee bean particles up to BHP (Factory fresh coffee) and the whole bean (Classic coffee). Retail prices range from U-Shs 100 to 5,000 per packet.  Nguvu coffee is available at the factory in Natete and in supermarkets, wholesaler  and retailer shops througout Uganda.

With the experience of 29 years in coffee roasting, KJS has outstanding knowledge in roasting coffee right from poor to the best quality. This very experience has made KJS know the requirements of every class.

Ngunvu coffee has a big local demand.  KJS market is currently local, no exports yet.  The company is focused on selling processed coffee, not beans for other processors to produce.